Cover: Luciano Pavarotti: Recital in Barcelona Rating: 0
19 sep. 2005


Theater Verschijning:1989
Studio:Pro-Active Entertain
Releasedatum:dec. 2003


This DVD has the sound out of time with the picture(atleast for me), which was very frustrating. But the sound itself is good. This concert was very nice to listen to, its a taseteful one.

The DVD cover is pepperred with spelling mistakes and poor information about arias and which operas they are from, which leads me to question how these were made. But it was such a cheap buy I shouldn't be complaining.

PS. The rich bastards sitting behind him get on your nerves.

Theres a funny little introduction to the DVD also, as well as a interview with the tenor which is good, but the quality of the DVD itself wasn't very good for me.


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