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26 nov. 2008


Releasedatum:nov. 2008


The page says "discontinued by manufacturer" but that's not correct , it has been released in Europe and the international version will follow over the next 6 months into 2009 though there may be some variation on the bonus tracks and or sub titles depending which part of the world you are in.

Andre Rieu is currently the worlds biggest act,and 500 people have to go on tour with him. His son is in charge of the huge logistics EG the first Melbourne concert

Nov 13th 09 was no exception where a massive 6 million dollar replica of a Austrian Palace was recreated complete with an ice rink & ballroom!The sheer scale is amazing.

Live in Maastrich 11 is in my opinion is his best DVD so far it's a total package and the guest acts often steal the show ,in this case 13 year old

Melissa Venema who plays "Il Silenzio" on the trumpet!! Amazing!The other real high point is the performance with the world-famous Mastreechter Staar male voice choir, I know that a lot of critics say Rieu is a bit like a highly sophisticated version of the "Wiggles for adults" constant action, variety, humour but all great fun. Ok maybe, but it's still the best breathtaking showbiz experience on the Planet


Andre Rieu ...