Cover: The 3 Tenors - Original Rating: 0
22 jul. 2006


Regisseur:Brian Large
Genre:Klassiek & Jazz / Klassiek
Releasedatum:sep. 2003


Disc 1:
1. Carreras, Jose - Vorspann - Titel
2. L'arlesiana
3. Cil A, Francesco - Il Lamento Di Federico
4. L' Africaine (Die Afrikanerin)
5. Meyerbeer, Giacomo - O Paradis (Franzosisch)
6. Tosca (Italienisch)
7. Puccini, Giacomo - Recondita Armonia (Erster Akt)
8. Das Land Des Laechelns
9. Lehar, Franz - Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz! (Zweiter
10. Crescenzo, Vincenzo De - Rondine Al Nido
11. Cardillo, Salvatore - Core 'ngrato
12. I Vespri Siciliani
13. Verdi, Giuseppe - Sinfonia
14. Curtis, Ernesto De - Torna A Surriento
15. Lara, Agustin - Granada
16. La Tabernera Del Puerto
17. Sorozabal, Pablo - No Puede Ser
18. Andrea Chenier
19. Giordano, Umberto - L'improvviso (Italienisch)
20. Tosca (Italienisch)
21. Puccini, Giacomo - E Lucevan Le Stelle (Dritter Ak
22. Turandot (Italienisch)
23. Puccini, Giacomo - Nessun Dorma! (Dritter Akt )
24. Authors, Various - Maria - Cielito Lindo - Ochi Tc
25. Capua, Eduardo Di - O Sole Mio
26. Puccini, Giacomo - Nessun Dorma! (Dritter Akt )

After watching the concert for the first time I'm actually speechless. I have the cd from this concert and I love it, but the dvd is a hundred times better. No wonder it's the world no. 1 classical bestseller. All the tenors are in resplendent voice, but to me José Carreras is the star of this night. Hearing (and seeing) his rendition of "Il lamento di Federico" and "L'improvviso" will leave you gobsmacked. His stage presence is like always both humble and charming. Adding to his charm is the way he behaves in "Lamento di Federico" after having produced some tones of pure delight. He instantly lifts his eyes to heaven, smiling, looking around as if he expects to see someone up there who helped him getting through the difficult parts of the aria. Then he blows a kiss of thank you to heaven, obviously grateful, before he continues singing.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Pavarotti or Domingo I have to admit that Pav's "Torna a Surriento" and "Rondine al nido" and Domingo's "No puede ser" was absolutely beautiful.

The reason for not being their biggest fan is that they're not able to stir my emotions like Carreras, but when performing together the three voices blend perfectly and it sounds just wonderful.

I loved the way the three of them enjoyed themselves when performing together. It's real fun to watch the encore "O sole mio" where Pavarotti gives his famous trill. He just shakes his head and the high notes pops out. I've been listening to this on the cd for a long time, but never before seen what really happened. Pavarotti starts singing and then Domingo surprises him by cutting in, taking over the singing. When it's Pavarotti's turn to sing again it seems he's thinking (humorously) "I'll teach him not to interfere with my singing again" and then he push his "high-note-button". When he's busy doing this, you can see the two other "conspiring", looking like two young boys who are really "up to something". And when Pavarotti allows them to take over again they leave him flabbergasted by throwing themselves into the song, repeating his trill perfectly, making it sound all the way as impressive as his.

The look on Pavarotti's face is priceless. He's laughing out loud in astonishment. It's obvious he wasn't expecting any competition....

I also have to comment on the conductor, Zubin Mehta. He really impressed me with his conducting, being so attentive to the singers. He's watching them closely all the time and making the orchestra follow them just perfectly. He's giving a hundred percent throughout the concert. And you can also see him being impressed by the tenors performances, acknowledging this by putting down his baton and applauding. At one point he also gets down and hugs Carreras after his wonderful rendition of "Granada". So he's definitely not a stiff and unapproachable conductor.

This dvd is a real treat.If possible I would have given it more than 5 stars. Buy it, and I promise you'll spend many hours in the company of the three tenors..... Enjoy!