Cover: 2 Fast 2 Furious Rating: 0
12 sep. 2008


Regisseur:John Singleton
Theater Verschijning:2003
Studio:Universal Studios
Genre:Action & Adventure
Talen:English, French, Spanish
Ondertiteling:French, Spanish
Releasedatum:sep. 2003


Like the high-revving imports and American muscle cars that roar down the streets of its south Florida setting, "2 Fast 2 Furious" is tricked out to the max. While Vin Diesel opted for his "XXX" franchise, this obligatory sequel to "The Fast and the Furious" benefits from Diesel's absence, allowing returning star Paul Walker to shine while forging a lively partnership with rising star Tyrese, who fulfills his sidekick duties with more vitality than Diesel could ever muster. The Miami/Dade locations are another bonus, lending colorful backdrop to the most dazzling street-racing sequences (both real and digitally composited) ever committed to film. The plot is disposable--former cop Walker and jailbird Tyrese are recruited by the FBI to dethrone a thuggish kingpin (Cole Hauser)--but director John Singleton keeps the adrenalin pumping, enlisting a rainbow coalition of costars (including rapper Ludacris and Chanel supermodel Devon Aoki) to combine a hip-hop vibe with full-blown action while showcasing hot babes, edgy humor, and some of the coolest cars that ever burned rubber. Heed the movie's warning, kids: Let the stuntmen do the driving. "--Jeff Shannon"