Cover: 48 Hrs. Rating: 4
Special Edition
7 sep. 2005


Studio:Paramount Home Video
Releasedatum:jan. 1999


Special Edition


Back in 1984, Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy starred in a new breed of movie - not bad guy vs good, but bad guy helps good guy get the other bad guy, confusing I know, but it's all good fun.
Jack gives Reggie a chance to help himself; he's desperate to find a crook whos made off with the loot, after escaping prison. Reggie wants the money, Jack the guy... but somewhere along the line Jack just doesn't work well with Reggie, he's the total opposite to him, and when Reggie messes him around they have a good old street fight.
The film is very funny, specially when Reggie tells Jack's boss to "go easy on him man" and when Jack says "This guy's got a lot more brains than you". The bar scene is also amazing and probably one of the funniest I have seen for a long time.
The action is amazing too, Jack's a bit of a sharp shooter, and his coleagues don't seem to share his passion of shooting like he does.
The DVD is sadly disapointing - it's 4:3 full screen, would have been better in 16:9. The sound isn't great for what is labeled as 5.1 Dolby, it sounds to me like standard 2.1 stereo. The quality of the image isn't amazing to be honest, they could have done a lot more processing, but I guess if you liked this movie originally you probably prefer the hissy soundtrack and marked reel... it's like the old CD vs Vinyl story.
Altogether a great movie, shame there's not more extras and a better picture, but c'est la vie.


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